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Relax to your heart's content in a genuine leather sofa surrounded by works of art and antiques, a ceiling made of old wood with a full atrium, and a lounge surrounded by forests.

The large indoor bath and the open-air bath of Shigaraki ware can be reserved by the family. All rooms except Japanese-style rooms are equipped with unit baths / toilets. The Japanese-style room is equipped with a toilet.

The natural prawn dinner course over 30 cm and the hot bagel and cream cheese breakfast are popular.

1541-1357 Tokorono, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
TEL:+81-288-25-3396 / FAX:+81-288-25-3396

Capacity Individuals:23 / Guestrooms:7
Price from 12,000 yen
Facility Private family bath / Private open-air bath / High speed wifi / Works of art and antiques